Trollkors symbol history and meaning

Trollkors Symbol (Troll Cross) – History And Meaning

The trollkors (English: troll cross) is an emblem used for protection not only against trolls but elves as well—from malevolent forces, in general. A troll cross is a piece of bent iron practitioners wear as an amulet to ward off dark magic.

If you want to learn more about the trollkors symbol, read on to find out the meaning, history, and significance of this Viking symbol.

Trollkors (Troll Cross) Symbol – History And Meaning

Trollkors symbol history and meaning

The popular troll cross symbol shows how people can still come up with new runes and signs, despite the fact that so many are already around.

This is to say that the troll cross as an actual Norse symbol has yet to be established by archeologists and historians. What we know is that it was created only in the 1990s as a piece of jewelry intended to resemble an ancient Norse symbol. 

The said troll cross is a piece of metal curved into a round shape with the ends twisted to create loops on both sides. It’s rather modern, but it’s still very interesting and is considered to be among the most popular Viking symbols nowadays.

Trollkors Symbol History

In the olden days, the Scandinavian people believed that iron and crosses could protect them from trolls, elves, and other dark creatures. A symbol that was spawned from this belief is the trollkors. 

The Scandinavians claim that the trollkors or the troll cross has been around for a very long time, but no real archeological proof has been found.

Although generally accepted as part of Swedish folklore, the first troll cross to be ever recorded was the one converted into a piece of jewelry by Sweden’s Kari Erlands in the 1990s, after she discovered the symbol at her grandparents’ barn.

She claimed to have copied the said protective rune, but although the piece does look like the Odal or Othala in the Elder Futhark, Kari Erlands’ claim remains unverified. 

The symbol represents the estate, heritage, possession, and inheritance.

Before the 20th century, this symbol was commonly used as a sign for home, family, and everything associated with it. It was common in their day to see the symbol around where the cows were kept because people believed it protected these animals from trolls.

The troll cross bears a striking resemblance to a Nazi symbol that was popular during World War II. This symbol’s use continued after the war, by neo-Nazi groups who picked it up and many others who are not associated with the neo-Nazi.

The Trollkors Symbol

The trollkors symbol is commonly seen on amulets. This symbol is made of a round-shaped iron with its ends crossed at the bottom possibly to mimic the shape of an Odal rune, meant to be worn as a charm since iron and crosses are believed to ward off evil entities.

Today the troll cross is a popular symbol used in tattoos and jewelry commonly made of hand-forged iron, although bronze and sterling silver are also used. 

Trollkors Symbol Meaning

The troll cross or trollkors is a metallic symbol that is believed to provide protection against negative forces. People wear it as an amulet to ward off all dark sorts of magic and evil. 

In the early days, the Scandinavians used it against trolls, which are considered such big trouble in Norse mythology.

The troll cross should be made out of iron to be effective in warding off trolls and other evil creatures, although it’s not uncommon to find other materials in jewelry pieces these days.

In Sweden and Norway, however, a trollkors is usually a cross-cut or carved on an object, placed above a door or window, to protect both people and property.

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